My niece posed a very difficult question last week, one to which I still have not developed a satisfactory answer. She was watching the Harry Potter marathon on TV and asked:fantasy and science fiction book reviews

What series would you like to read again for the first time, if you could have your memory erased so you could discover it all over again?

I’ve been thinking about this for a week and still haven’t come up with an answer. I have books that I love to reread because they are familiar and comfortable, and it’s like visiting with an old friend. And then I had books that I remember loving years earlier, but don’t stand up to a reread because my tastes have matured (hopefully) and changed. So to try and read them for the first time now would be losing some wonderful memories without replacing them with anything better.

So, dear readers, I turn to you for an answer to the question: What series or standalone fantasy book would you undergo a mind wipe for? Hopefully you’ll have better luck coming up with an answer than I did.

Let us know in the comments and we’ll draw a winner from among all the commenters to choose a book from our ever-increasing stacks. And if you haven’t already registered with this form to send us your address, go do that right now. We can’t send you your winnings if you don’t fill it out. And we promise never to do any nefarious deeds with the information you give us.


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