I’m feeling all better now, just in time for my son to go into the hospital this morning to have his tonsils out. Since that means I’ll be spending the next few days helping an almost-three-year-old recuperate, I figure I’ll have some reading time as he snoozes under the benefit of painkillers. In a situation like that, however, I don’t want something new and challenging. I want an old favorite, a familiar tome that doesn’t challenge or surprise, but welcomes me back like a old comfortable sweatshirt, or a Labrador retriever in front of a fire.

That means I am hitting my re-read shelf. Every bibliophile has (at least) one – the repository of those favored volumes that will never be discarded, or traded in for credit at the used book store down the street. So, dear readers, fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviewswhat’s on your re-read shelf, and how do you decide what earns its place on the keeper list?

As for me, I’m going to go blow the dust off my copy of Mercedes Lackey’s By The Sword, and tuck it in my purse for the waiting room.

Post a comment and we’ll enter you in a drawing to win a copy of Jennifer Estep’s Spider’s Bite. Or, if that book isn’t to your fancy, we’ll let you pick one out of our stacks.


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