Thoughtful Thursday: Happy Birthday to us!

Happy Birthday, FanLitHAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!

This week marks our NINTH birthday!

Yep, we’ve been hanging out together (well, soFanLit T-shirtme of us) since June 2007!

To celebrate, we’re giving away gifts!

NINE commenters from the US or Canada will receive some FanLit BOOKMARKS (quite practical!) and a cozy FANLIT T-SHIRT. Or, if you prefer, you may choose a book from our stacks.

You can leave any sort of commnent — a birthday wish, an admission of how many days/years you’ve been wasting your time edifying yourself at our site, suggestions for what you’d like to see happen at FanLit in the future, a festive natal day poem. Whatever! Just make sure to click the little notification box so you’ll know if you won, or check back in about 10 days.

Thank you for spending your time with us!

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  1. Trey /

    Happy Birthday! And I find I check out the site a few days a week and read a lot through RSS.

  2. Happy Birthday! :)
    I love your site, FatLit people :). Thanks for taking the time to bring us good content.

  3. Congrats and Happy Birthday! May your successful journey continue with more great books!

  4. Happy Birthday! :)

    I want to say I’ve been reading this site for about 3 years now?

  5. April /

    I visit the site almost daily. Can’t remember when I started to do so – seems forever that I’ve been visiting and reading and enjoying the site. I love the continual discussions about books and other related (and sometimes not) things.

    Many happy returns!

  6. Melanie Goldmund /

    Happy birthday! It seems like forever since I’ve started coming here — must be a good five years at least. Or something like that, I just can’t remember. I check in every day to see what’s new, and have been known to buy or reject a book according to what I’ve read here. Keep up the great work, guys!

  7. Florence de Seve /

    Happy Birthday!

    It’s been around 5 five years ince I discovered this website. I make sure to check it daily to make sure that I don’t miss anything. Usually, I don’t buy a sci-fi/fantsay book without checking what you guys had to say about it,

    To another 9 years (at least!)!

  8. Happy Birthday to you! You are my go-to site for fantasy/sci-fi reviews/recommendations. When I’m contemplating a title, I often consult your site, or your reviews on Goodreads. Thanks for being the fantastic site you are. Hope you will be around for a LONG time. :)

  9. margo /

    Happy Birthday! I’m pretty sure the 9th year is significant in one of the many built worlds you’ve reviewed. I’m so glad you’re still up and running.
    I think I’ve been visiting you since 2013, but I’m not sure. I know I’m going to keep doing it.

  10. RedEyedGhost /

    Happy birthday! Good luck in 4th grade!

  11. dr susan /

    I have a tshirt and have gotten several books from the stacks, so to promote the bithday atmosphere, I would like someone else to win, but I had to say Happy Birthday! I have had so much fun on your website; from the speed dating to last year’s birthday bash, identify the covers and the Trope Writing Thread, your site has brought a great deal of enjoyment to my life. Happy Birthday and I wish you many more!

  12. Dawn /

    Happy BD! ???

  13. Why don’t I have a FanLit T-shirt or bookmark?? ;)

    It’s been fun to be part of the team for the past year!

  14. Arcanist Lupus /

    Happy Birthday! I love your reviews, and the various other things you do (especially Rename that Book Cover, and the annual limerick contest)

    I’ve won many books from the stacks as well as a t-shirt and loved them all.

    My only criticism is that every time I come here, my ‘To Read’ list gets longer. Stop that! (please don’t. You guys are amazing)

  15. CarolA /

    Happy Birthday! I’ve visited the site almost daily since 2008 and would not have a TBR-pile the size of Mt Kilimandjaro if it weren’t for you lovely people :-) Thanks!

    BTW, I miss the “Random Review”-feature, will it make a comeback?
    /CarolA (Sweden).

    • Hi Carol, this was difficult to do with our current theme (it has to do with the images), but I figured we made up for it by including the random (mostly) posts at the top of the homepage. The first slot has a random “feature,” the second has a random 5-star review, the third has a random Expanded Universe column. What do you think? I can add a random review in the sidebar, but it won’t have an image.

  16. Ronald /

    Happy birthday! I found you on Twitter about three or so years ago and have been hanging out since! None more years until the website can vote in the US, so… Sauron 2028?

  17. Viki S. /

    Nine! WOW! Happy Birthday :)!

  18. Maurice Robinson /

    Nice to see a book site counting up. Lately, it seems like too many are counting down.

  19. got a workout this morning, and we have our winners! They are listed below. Please include a T-shirt size with your USA address (OR the book of your choice from our stacks).
    Please contact me (Marion) with your choice and a US address. Happy reading!

    Melanie Goldmund
    Florence de Seve
    Michelle Miller

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