Thoughtful Thursday: Happy Birthday to us!

Happy Birthday, FanLitHAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!

This week marks our EIGHTH birthday! Yep, we’ve been hanging out together (well, soFanLit T-shirtme of us) since June 2007!

To celebrate, we’d like to invite some characters from speculative fiction to our virtual birthday party. We’d like YOU to choose the guests. Who should we invite, and why? What do you think might happen? Oh, and of course, you’re invited, too!

EIGHT commenters from the US or Canada will receive a gift from us: some festive FanLit BOOKMARKS and a delicious FANLIT T-SHIRT (or, if you prefer, a book from our stacks). Make sure to click the little box so you’ll get the notification, or check back in about 10 days.

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  1. Izzy A. /

    Happy birthday! I say invite kruppe from the malazan empire series! Hes always been the fun party type and he would entertain everyone with his fascinating stories! Or tyrion from a song of ice and fire they both would be very good guest!

  2. I want Verity, Dominic and the Aeslin mice from Seanan McGuire’s Incryptid series to attend — there will be awesome dancing!

    • susan emans /

      YAY!!! Aeslin mice!! And cake!! All hail the Fantasy Literature Gods and Priestesses!!

      • April /


        • April /

          Now we need someone to make the cake! I’ll nominate Sunshine. I bet she could come up with loads of things to bake for us to devour!

  3. I want Agatha Heterodyne from GIRL GENIUS. She can rig up an excellent coffee making system that makes the best coffee, so I wonder what she can do with birthday punch and a bottle of rum.

  4. I would invite the Shrike from Hyperion. With his ability to make time travel backward and forward, everyone at the party would be able to live (and relive) all the wonderful things that have happened over the last 7 years. (Down side: he’s not much of a conversationalist and, oh yeah, ‘small’ chance that a lot of the virtual party-goers might be ‘accidentally’ murdered while the Shrike moves in and out and through time with his razor sharp limbs whirling around everywhere).

  5. Congrats! and Happy Birthday! If there is a party I think the most logical choice to party with in Fantasy Literature would be Mat Cauthon from WOT! Thanks!

  6. April /

    I’m loving all of the guests so far (except for maybe Shrike – though cool name)! I think we need to add in some guests who will either bring some excitement with them or spark lots of good conversation, or maybe a late night poker game. I’ll go with Harry Dresden, Miles Vorkosigan and Jane Yellowrock. I suggest not cheating at the poker game though, you might not survive the night!

  7. Trey Palmer /

    Happy Birthday!

    I’d like you to invite: Miles Vorkosigan, Ivan Vorpatril, Jean Flambeur, Mieli, the Pellegrini, Jean Tannen, Sabetha and Locke Lamorra (if you can get the last three to help with the food, it will be worth it. And for extra sauce, Aiken Drum. Possibly just to balance out the Pellegrini…

    And to round out the party (and prove I’m not always bringing rogues): Moon and Stone from the Raksura series; Krosp, because if Agatha’s here, he should be to; The Boys (Dimo, Oggie and Maxim), ibid (and its likely Stone would need playmates…); Venera Fanning from Virga, for all that she’s a horrible person, murderer, spymaster, etc., I like her. Plus, I suspect she could add quite a bit to the party. And perhaps Jamethiel of the Kencyr as well.

    I’m pretty sure it would get exciting and you’d definitely need to count the silverware afterward. And put out the fires …

  8. I’d like to invite Arthur Dent (that guy could use a break, after all he’s been through), Red Sonja, the Rat Queens, Carol Danvers and Kamala Khan, Temeraire, and Gandalf. Also, the Misfits from Jem, because I want to see how quickly the party will spiral out of control once they arrive.

  9. Janet /

    Happy Eighth Birthday!!!
    I would love to invite Phèdre nó Delaunay from Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel books. She is quietly courageous and has a strength of will and belief in herself that I find amazing. I would enjoy hearing her in conversation with any and all in attendance, because she can more than hold her own in any situation! Her beloved, Joscelin Verreuil, would, of course, be invited as well. (He would definitely be on watch for anyone who might be heading toward getting out of line.)
    Thanks for all the fun columns, as well as the opportunity to interact with your writers.

  10. A. K. /

    My invitation would go to Dragon, or Sarkan, from Naomi Novik’s Uprooted. He’ll most likely be very anti-social but his magic can definitely make up for it.

    • susan emans /

      As long as he brings along Agnieszka; she is fascinating.

  11. susan emans /

    Hmmm…Fortitude Scott and Suzume Hollis (M.L. Brennan’s Generation V) would definitely liven things up.I would love to invite Meg Corbyn and The Others, but I think she would be overwhelmed by all the new people, and The Others would have little tolerance for some people’s idiosyncracies. Toby Daye and Tybalt would be able to add to the small talk, and I would love to listen while Matthew and Diana Clairmont exchanged anecdotes with Tybalt. Robin Goodfellow knows how to party and could keep Cal and Niko Leandros from killing the “monsters.”

  12. 8 years!? Wow! Congrats and Happy Birthday!!
    I’d have to invite Isabella, Lady Trent! We could all gather around the table with our cake and listen to all her stories!.. before the rest of her memoirs come out ;)

  13. Jenny /

    For this party the beautiful Scheherazade from A Thousand and One Nights but she is not escorted by the Persian King but rather Kvothe from the King Killer Chronicles (Name of the Wind and Wise Man’s Fear). The stories and songs they would bring! Perfect for a birthday party!

  14. April /

    Kat Hooper / June 12, 2015
    “Gosh, I totally forgot about cake. All I was thinking about was alcohol.”

    Ha! Been there, done that. Don’t quite remember…

  15. I accidentally invited Roose Bolton. I’m sorry I ruined the party.

  16. Sounds like the alcohol will be flowing, and this party might need a little crowd control. I’m inviting Logen Ninefingers to act as a bouncer. If push comes to shove, The Bloody-nine will keep ’em in line.

  17. Izzy A, Susan Emans, Ray Kolb, Trey Palmer, A.K, DJ, Jenny and Beau Kemp, congratulations!

    Please contact me (Marion) with your T-shirt size and a US address.

    If you’d rather, and have an address in the US or Canada, you may choose a book from our stacks.

    That was one fun party!

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