Thoughtful Thursday: Happy 13th birthday to us!

Happy Birthday, FanLitHAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!

June 1 marks our lucky THIRTEENTH birthday!

Yep, we’ve been hanging out together (well, some of us) since June 2007!

To celebrate, we’re giving away gifts!

FIVE commenters from the US will receive some FanLit BOOKMARKS (quite practical!) and a cozy FANLIT T-SHIRT (as long as we still have your size). Or, if you prefer, you may choose a book from our stacks.

FanLit T-shirt

You can leave any sort of comment — a birthday wish, an admission of how many days/years you’ve been wasting your time edifying yourself at our site, suggestions for what you’d like to see happen at FanLit in the future, a festive natal day poem. Whatever! Just make sure to click the little notification box so you’ll know if you won, or check back in about 10 days.

Thank you for wasting spending your time with us!

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  1. Kelly Lasiter /

    13?!? I feel old now!

  2. What a wild ride it has been! Couldn’t ask for a better bunch of folks to review with :)

  3. Ugh, we’re entering those angsty teenage years.

  4. Sandy G /

    Happy birthday. Bet 13 years went fast

    • Kelly Lasiter /

      It helps to have lots of books to pass the time! XD

  5. Dawn /

    Happy BD! You’re a teenager now. 😬

  6. Mike Voss /

    Wow! Happy Birthday, and here’s to the *next* thirteen years!

    • Kelly Lasiter /

      Thank you! Our TBR stacks are surely high enough to keep us busy that long and beyond!

  7. Sethia /

    Happy birthday! You guys have been the highlight of my week for over three years now!

  8. Susan Emans /

    Happy Birthday! Your ad lib writing posts and yearly haikus have brought much joy into my life. I look forward to further adventures.

    • Kelly Lasiter /

      Thank you, Susan! It’s good to know we can be a happy little corner of the internet for folks.

  9. Shawn H Mansouri /

    Happy Birthday! So cool!

  10. LEAVE ME ALONE! YOU’RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME! Oh, sorry, just channeling 13 again.

  11. Noneofyourbusiness /

    I’ve always felt that thirteen is a lucky number.

    • Kelly Lasiter /

      Me too! Actually, it’s my mom’s lucky number, and mine is 26, which is two 13s!

  12. Emma Steen /

    Happy Birthday y’all! I’ve found some of my favourite books through this site :D

  13. The Distinguished Professor /

    A very Happy Birthday! Let’s think about the things we have to look forward to this year, like the new “Time Lord Victorious” and “Out of Time” series for Doctor Who at Big Finish.

    • Kelly Lasiter /

      Excellent! I really need to catch up on Who.

      • The Distinguished Professor /

        Big Finish is a real trove of Whoniverse stories (and other stories), sometimes surpassing the televised ones in quality. Incidentally, there’s a different free download available every week during quarantine (a new one each Monday, with the previous one ceasing to be available for free at that time). You can always see the latest somewhere on this page:

        This week’s is Sherlock Holmes: The Speckled Band, with the news item headline “Sherlockdownload!”.

  14. Congratulations on Lucky 13!!!

  15. Lady Morar /

    May we all come out the other side healthy and a bit wiser and more caring.

  16. Zak /

    Happy Birthday! Long-time reader, first time commenter. This site really helped me broaden my taste when I was in middle school and branching out of the two-author fantasy rut I was in at the time (Tolkien and Brooks). Cheers to 13 years, and hopefully many more to come!

  17. John Smith /

    I guess I’ve been looking at the site for a few years now — Congratulations on your 13th!!

  18. E. J. Jones /

    I’ve been hanging out on FanLit since 2014, when I was still in high school. Now I’m out of college and the world is full of uncertainty, but FanLit has been a constant in my life and taught me not only about new and different books, but about how to engage with ideas I disagree with or don’t initially understand. It’s one of my favorite places on the Internet. Thanks to everyone who helps make it possible.

  19. Many happy returns of the day!

    • Thanks, Becky! We’ve been having a great time, and hope to continue for another 13 years — and beyond!

  20. Thank you all for your inspiring comments! Our winners are:
    –Susan Emans
    –Emma Steen
    –E.J. Jones

    Please respond with your preferred sized of T-shirt (or book of your choice) and USA mailing address. Contact me at

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