Have you ever come across a magic system in a book that made you think, Wow what a cool idea? Maybe the book itself is not the greatest thing ever, but the way the magic works or the powers the characters possess is so intriguing that you’ve just got to keep reading it anyway?Brandon Sanderson The Final Empire 4. The Alloy of Law

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviewsBrandon Sanderson‘s MISTBORN series has a magic system that’s so cool and unique that I often wish other writers could play around in the MISTBORN universe, too.

Jim Butcher has a series called THE CODEX ALERA where the magic comes from elemental creatures that certain individuals are able to control. Sort of like Pokémon for adults.

Those are a couple of my favorite cool magic systems in fantasy literature. I’d like to hear about some more from our readers. We’ll pick a commenter to receive a book from our stacks.