fantasy and science fiction book reviewsNext Tuesday is a big day for many fantasy readers — they’re quivering with excitement over the release of A Dance with Dragons. After all the years of waiting, whining and crying, all the controversies, all the epic internet flame wars… After 5 years of waiting, the next installment in George R.R. Martin’A Song of Ice and Fire series is only days away.

Some readers have named their children after Martin’s characters, but I am, so far, not a huge fan. I enjoyed A Game of Thrones, but after hearing my brother’s cries of anguish over the waiting time between novels, I decided to stop with the first one. I’ll read the rest after they have all been published. I suspect I am not alone in that strategy.  I also suspect that some readers may not have started the series at all for similar reasons. But still, I look forward to the spectacle that is the release day of such of such an eagerly-anticipated novel.

What are your plans for Tuesday? Will you be getting your copy on release day? What about those of you who’ve become disenchanted with the series? Will you still buy a copy? Also, take a moment to tell us why you think this series is so special and why it gets so much attention. We’ll pick one random commenter to receive a copy of A Dance With Dragons.


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