Thieves. They steal our reading hearts. Admit it — somewhere in your fantasy/sci-fi library is some charming rogue who won you over even as he/she lifted your purse. It’s what they do, damn them. With their clever tongue and even more clever hands. Their shifty eyes and even more shifty ethics. They play us poor readers like the marks we are. And despite that, we keep coming back for more.

We all have our favorites. Around here one such a one is Locke Lamora, along with his band of fellow con artists collectively known as The Gentlemen Bastards (also the title of the series, which begins with The Lies of Locke Lamora — think Ocean’s Eleven in a fantasy setting).

And who could leave out Bilbo Baggins, The Hobbit’s reluctant thief who not only robbed a dragon of its greatest treasure, but stole his way as well into the carefully guarded halls of dwarven hearts. So let’s talk thieves, burglars, con artists, scammers, robbers and rogues.

Who is your favorite thief?
Please mention the book/series/author so other readers can find your favorite thief.

One random commenter will win a book from our stacks.


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