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Yeah, it made me jump too, the first time I saw this. My husband sent this to me in response to an email I had sent to him proclaiming this book to have the worst cover of any book I had ever seen. I opened the email and literally flinched.

The title of the book, Twilight of Briareus, doesn’t seem nearly evocative enough for artwork this…stunning. What is going on?  Why is a giant disembodied baby head floating through space?  Is this a sequel to 2001: A Space Odyssey crossed with The Blair Witch Project? The backcover blurb is terse and nondescriptive:

Earth is ravaged by tornadoes, and in their aftermath everyone becomes sterile. Certain people acquire psychic powers and can experience “trips” in each other’s company, during which their consciousness appears to dislocate itself in time and space.

Okay, so post-apocalyptic psychic psycho floating baby head. That doesn’t help.

So dear readers, I turn to you for assistance.  Can you come up with a title for this…compelling…piece of artwork?

The best suggestion will win a book of their choice off of our stacks. They all have better cover art.  I promise. (Except for the ARCs which have no cover art. (But that would still be an improvement.))


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