fantasy and science fiction book reviewsIt’s been a while since we renamed a cover. The cover I chose today is not particularly awful — it’s quite the usual thing for a modern romantic fantasy. Queen’s Hunt by Beth Bernobich received a lukewarm reception by our reviewers but seems to be generally well liked over at Amazon. What got my attention about the cover of Queen’s Hunt is the look on the protagonist’s face — it just seems ripe for renaming. It doesn’t portray any of the fierceness that I think they intended.

It’s like her father is giving her a lecture about not holding a sword so close to your neck and she is impatiently rolling her eyes because he doesn’t realize how cool it is to look like you’re about to cut your own head off. Or maybe she’s just waiting for the perfect moment to strike down the fly that’s been buzzing around her head.

What title can you come up with that fits this cover? Suggest an alternate title in the comments and, as usual, we’ll pick someone to choose a book from our stacks.