Thoughtful Thursday: Promising new authors!

Promising new author! Arkady Martine A Memory Called EmpireThe announcement of a new book by one of our long-standing favorite writers is always cause for excitement and then eager anticipation.

Just as exciting is the discovery of a new talent, though here the joy is not anticipated but comes partway through a reading as the realization dawns that we are indeed reading something outstanding, written by someone who just might be added to that list of favorite authors.

Given this past year we’ve all had, that sort of discovery is all the more treasured.

So what say you readers? What relatively new authors in the past 1-2 years have broken through for you into that rarefied atmosphere?

Or if not new writers, maybe a writer you’ve just come across (and are now frantically going through their backlist until their next new title comes out).

Promising new author! Micaiah Johnson The Space Between WorldsFor me, I’d place Micaiah Johnson and Arkady Martine in the category of new authors who have excited me with their early works.

As for established authors I’d been unaware of until recently, Lavie Tidhar is probably at the top of that list.

Let us know who is on your list. As usual, one lucky commentator will receive a book of their choice from our stacks.

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  1. A lot of the authors from Mark Lawrence’s “Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off” (or, SPFBO) either have become successful indie authors or have become “traditional” published authors.

    Examples of the former: Michael R. Fletcher, M.L. Wang, Rob J. Hayes, Virginia McClain, etc.

    Examples of the latter: Devin Madson, Johnathan French

    Many of the Finalists from this competition have published several books since and they are worth reading!

  2. Amit Khaira /

    For me James A Corey have completely changed the space opera game with their Expanse series . Yes I know it’s been a decade but the impact on the book series on the genre and as an exceptional tv series has been phenomenal .

  3. She’s not a “new” author, but Alaya Dawn Johnson has traveled out of YA territory with TROUBLE THE SAINTS, and I’m very glad I got introduced to it!

  4. Paul Connelly /

    Tamsyn Muir might be the only one where it would be true that I’d rush to read her next book as soon as it came out. I plan to read Karen Osborne’s sequel to Engines of Oblivion, the next Arkady Martine, and Naomi Novik’s follow-up to A Deadly Education–but it won’t be a huge disappointment if I don’t get around to those, for whatever reason. All four of those writers were new to me as of the last two years.

  5. John Smith /

    The new Sarah Gailey, “The Echo Wife,” sounds intriguing!

  6. Mostly new-to-me although a few had new titles go wide in the last year or so.

    Alexis Hall (just announced a sequel to Boyfriend Material–Husband Material and a third book in the same universe)
    A.J. Demas (classical Mediterranean AU)
    Casey McQuiston (Red, White, and Royal Blue is AU; next book includes a time loop or slip)
    K.J. Charles
    Everina Maxwell (Winter’s Orbit)
    Iona Datt Sharma (so far I’ve only read Division Bells)

  7. Only the past year?
    Rebecca Roanhorse with Blacksun.
    Vincent Scott with the Hereafter Bytes.
    Leonard Richardson with Constellation Games.

  8. Frederick Rossero /

    I’ve just started reading sci fi after being a lifelong fantasy fan, so I’m lucky in that I’m discovering amazing authors all the time. Martha Wells is one that comes to mind!

  9. Huge fan of Ms. Wells here. Have you found her earlier stuff like Element of Fire? Death of the Necromancer? Raksura books?

    • Frederick Rossero /

      They’re on my TBR list! I’ve already purchased a few of them.

  10. I discovered Jeff Schanz’s book A Vampyre’s Daughter

  11. Noneofyourbusiness /

    I became interested in Seanan McGuire’s books just a few years ago, especially the Wayward Children series. Admittedly, I found everyone *but* Nancy interesting in the first book, with Jacqueline being my favorite.

  12. Lady Morar /

    I’m not sure how to know which authors are “new”. We sat with S. A. Chakraborty at the World Fantasy Convention and she seemed like a recent breakout.

  13. The Distinguished Professor /

    He’s far from new, but in the past few months I’ve started on Alexander McCall Smith’s various series, and there are many of them! He’s prolific like Agatha Christie. I particularly like Bertie in the 44 Scotland Street series. He reminds me of my son somewhat.

    I also got deep into another old classic, the Poldark novels of Winston Graham, a year or two ago.

  14. Jillian /

    AK Larkwood won me over with the unspoken name this year. That book was so unique and I’m keeping an eye out for the rest of her books now

  15. Sethia /

    I really enjoyed A Memory called Empire and can’t wait for the next book this year!

  16. Amit Khaira,if you live in the USA, you win a book of your choice from our stacks.
    Please contact me (Marion) with your choice and a US address. Happy reading!


      Hi Marion,

      Thanks a lot !!…you made my day :-) ….Will contact you via email with the details .



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