Ruth is taking a break from Thoughtful Thursday during August while she finishes her dissertation — Go, Ruth!fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews

While Ruth is gone, we’re using this opportunity to clear out some of these stacks of books we’ve got in the way around here. And when we say “stacks”, we don’t mean those nice rows of organized shelved books like Ruth’s hiding out in at her university library. These are more like stalagmites jutting up from a cave floor (or stalactites for those of us who read upside down on the ceiling), except that these are teetering.

We need to get rid of some of them. We’d also like, at the same time, to distribute some of our lovely FanLit bookmarks (featuring art by one of our favorite authors and artists, Janny Wurts) across the United States and the UK.

So, here’s your job (the part where you do the thinking):

1. Leave a comment telling us what perfect place(s) you can leave/distribute FanLit bookmarks and how many of them you can handle. (Hint: if it’s a bookstore, library, etc, you may need to ask permission).

2. Find a couple of books or audiobooks you want from our teetering stacks. If you’re a winner, we’ll send you one of your choices. We’ve got old books, we’ve got new books, we’ve got red books, we’ve got blue books.

3. Contact us and give us your address (United States or UK) and tell us your first two book choices from the stacks.

We’ll pick a few of you and send you one of your book choices and some bookmarks to give out.

And, to whet your appetite, here is a small sampling of books we’ve got to give away:

The Windup GirlSeanan McGuire October Daye 1. Rosemary and Rue audiobookfantasy book reviews Elizabeth Moon The Deed of Paksenarrion 1.  Sheepfarmer's Daughter audiofantasy book review  Jesse Bullington The Sad Tale of the Brothers  Grossbart audioKelly Meding Evangeline Stone 1. Three Days to Dead 2. As Lie the  Deadurban  fantasy book reviews Lori Devoti 2. Amazon QueenKasey MacKenzie Red Hot Furyfantasy and science fiction book reviews23. Burning Shadowsfantasy and science fiction book reviewsKate Elliott book review Crossroads: 1. Spirit Gate 2. Shadow Gate  3. Traitors' Gatefantasy and science fiction book reviewsSusan Hubbard Ethical Vampire: 1. The Society of S 2. The Year of Disappearances 3. The Season of Risksfantasy novel reviews Max Frei Labyrinths of Echo 1. The StrangerMarjorie M Liu Hunter Kiss 1. The Iron Hunt 2. Darkness Calls 3. A Wild Light


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