First, fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviewscongratulations to Rebekah M. who has won our copy of R.A. Salvatore‘s Dame from our last Thoughtful Thursday post, “All I want for Christmas!” In keeping with that holiday theme, I thought it would be nice to give thanks for the new authors we’ve read so far this year that we’re most grateful for and why we appreciate them. For me, the choice that comes to mind is Marjorie Liu, for the vivid imagery and lyricism of her physical descriptions.  She gives me something to aspire to. So, today’s discussion question: Who are you most grateful to have read this year?  The discussion will continue through our Thoughtful Thursday post when one lucky commenter will win a copy of  Kelley Armstrong’s Frostbitten.


  • Stephen B. Frank

    STEPHEN (S.B.) FRANK, one of our guest contributors, earned a Ph.D. at Duke University and works in the field of education reform. When he needs a break from real life, he likes to indulge in urban fantasy. He has a particular love for humor, so some of his favorite authors are Dakota Cassidy, Mary Janice Davidson, Mark Henry, Julie Kenner, Katie MacAlister, Richelle Mead and Christopher Moore.