Fourth Annual Speculative Fiction Haiku Contest

Haiku ContestTime for our fourth annual SPECULATIVE FICTION HAIKU CONTEST!  Anyone can do this!

As a reminder, here are the rules:

For haiku, the typical subject matter is nature, but if you decide to be traditional, you must give it a fantasy, science fiction, or horror twist. We expect to be told that the peaceful wind you describe is blowing across a landscape of an unfamiliar, distant planet. And if your poem is about a flower, we hope that elegant little touch of beauty is about to be trampled by an Orc. We welcome the sublime as well as the humorous, the pedestrian along with the momentous.

Though you may use the traditional three-line haiku following a 5-7-5 syllable pattern, feel free to break that pattern. Many poets who write English haiku adhere to other expectations:

  1. Written in three lines, though sometimes in two or four lines
  2. Often offers a juxtaposition of two images or ideas
  3. Doesn’t rhyme
  4. Often uses a season-term or a word/phrase that implies a time of year
  5. Employs compressed, objective, descriptive language
  6. Often divided in two parts (the break usually comes at the end of the first line, the middle of the second line, or the end of the second line).

As inspiration, here are a few from last year:

To tremble and rage
Is the nature of the sea
Caught between two moons.

The engineer dreams
Of an AI breakthrough
As the AI dreams
Of breaking through

Blackened limbs wasting,
Water ceasing, stones settling:
Our final season.

Tentacled spheroid
Sitting by the warp-drive doors
Please don’t drip acid

Elric’s Grand Sword Fights;
Ripples Across Multiverse.
. . . (i’ve lost a button)

Our interference
Disrupts the spinning seasons
Wakes the sleeping one.

Meditating minds
Explode into the future
Dragons flying high

Read more.

You may write as many haiku as you like. We’ll choose one author to win a book from our stacks.

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  1. Susan Emans /

    Pink Toes and Crickets

    I sit in my cave,
    Admiring my soft pink toes,
    Eight to be exact.

    Cricket chirps softly;
    Drool drips from mandibles.
    Crunch crunch crunch gulp burp.

    Pink toes slowly step;
    Many eyes watch for danger.
    Scuttles back to cave.

  2. Mark E. Henaghen /

    Blank pages mock me:
    Infinite, white, inviting.
    Where do I begin?

  3. Mark E. Henaghen /

    Are an AI’s dreams,
    Virtual reality,
    Or a glitch in time?

  4. Mark E. Henaghen /

    Fire in the sky
    Apollo’s chariot burns
    Under Phaeton’s lash

  5. Mark E. Henaghen /

    No one remembered
    The dragon that had died here.
    But now, it’s teeth grew.

  6. Mark E. Henaghen /

    A knight, clad in words,
    Bears a sword without a name,
    Defending the lost.

  7. Leathery wings gliding
    Above the winter storms,
    And hungry eyes searching.

  8. The classic Haiku 575 I wanted to offer is:
    Stalker Haiku
    © Andrè M. Pietroschek, all rights reserved

    See a lurking foe
    Who is too cruel to care
    A living nightmare.

    But I really read your wishes, and going freestyle I offer a myku-interchained:

    Iteki-Freestyle Haiku-Myku, ahem, I meant: GROAR!
    © Andrè M. Pietroschek, all rights reserved

    A beautiful woman
    with passions of dark, sad origin
    rose too high to reach.

    My heart’s dark waters
    are a trial for the soul,
    risky and deceptive.

    Faith is a whisper
    blowing strongly through my soul,
    guiding my way forth.

    Honor embodies
    the sword of truth, loving hearts
    despite of anguished darkness.

    In such monastery within,
    where the soul humbly dwells
    true ascension can be found.

    A lone fox barks
    in the calm forest night,
    what indomitable urge…

  9. Before I announce the winners, I want to say how impressed I am with the quality of poetry this year. Wow!

  10. Andre M. Pietroschek, if you live in the USA, you win a book of your choice from our stacks.
    Please contact me (Marion) with your choice and a US address. Happy reading!

  11. Wish I was this creative! Great job everyone!

  12. Hello fellow Haikuers! Our Eighth annual Haiku contest is going on here:

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