Thoughtful Thursday: Favorite speculative fiction soundtracks

Television and streaming services have given us a wealth of speculative fiction content the past several years.

HBO, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and even Syfy have delivered interesting, thoughtful programming with high production values, including outstanding soundtracks.

Which show has your favorite sound track? Why? Tell us in the comments.

One commenter with a USA mailing address will win a book from our Stacks or a $5 Amazon gift card.

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  1. It would be easy to list the more “popular” soundtracks (i.e. “Star Wars,” “Harry Potter,” etc.), but my favorites are:

    “El Labriento del Fauno” a.k.a. “Pan’s Labyrinth,” and “Spirited Away.” Both are international movies, but their soundtracks are just as magical as the movies.

  2. John Smith /

    I don’t know that this is the sort of thing you’re thinking of, but I’m currently watching the TV series version of “What We Do In the Shadows,” and I really like their theme song, “You’re Dead,” sung by Norma Tanega.

  3. SandyG /

    I don’t really pay much attention to the sound track when I watch a TV show which is strange since I have a good sized collection of movie sound tracks by John Williams

  4. Jillian /

    Any anime movies always have the prettiest soundtracks!

  5. To me, the show that had the most beautiful and haunting soundtrack was The Leftovers. Turns out, the song choices were intended as an essential role in the storytelling. Smart idea because the music made the show even better for me.

  6. Noneofyourbusiness /

    Well, that’s easy for me. The soundtracks of the Final Fantasy video games. Listening to them on Youtube (starting with FFXIII) is what got me into the series in the first place! And now I can identify Nobuo Uemtasu, Masashi Hamuzu, Hitoshi Sakimoto, Yoko Shimomura, etc. in other works by the instrumentation they favor before hearing their names. The soundtracks of the NieR games, SINoALICE and Drakengard 3 by Keiichi Okaabe are also sublime!

    • Lois Young /

      Have you attended either or both the “Final Fantasy” or “The Legend of Zelda” concerts? Those and “Video Games Live” are experiences which remind you of how essential soundtracks and scores are in visual media!

  7. Lady Morar /

    Christopher Franke did amazing work on Babylon 5’s soundtrack, which you can see in the sheer volume of episodic soundtracks that came out. He was also part of Tangerine Dream, which scored the American version of the movie Legend.

    Speaking of “The Mandalorian”, recently I’ve been enjoying the music from Luke Skywalker’s hallway scene and arrangements thereof:

  8. Sethia /

    This is a throwback but I loved the theme song for Firefly.

  9. The Distinguished Professor /

    The soundtracks of Steven Universe are a delight. Cartoon Network’s other outings Over the Garden Wall and Infinity Train (now on HBO Max as of Book Three) also have evocative sounds.

  10. Sorry for the delay!

    Distinguished Professor,if you live in the USA, you win a book of your choice from our stacks, or a $5 Amazon gift card.
    Please contact me (Marion) with your choice and a US address. Happy reading!

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