fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviewsDear readers, please excuse the dust.  We’ve been doing some renovations to our house over the last week, and between the saw dust and the paint fumes, it’s been a bit dirty and smelly around here.  But I have a lovely bathroom and a beautiful kitchen now, so it’s been worth it. I’d like to tell you about something amazing I discovered when we were working on our kitchen.  The space between two walls is just the width of a standard paperback book.  Ponder the possibilities that unlocks for a moment.

We ripped out some cabinets in our kitchen which left a huge hole where they had been recessed into the wall.  My original plan was just to put up new drywall and plaster over it, but then my brother-in-law suggested that we build shelves into the space.  Brilliant! The picture here isn’t from my kitchen – we’re still finishing the trim – but it looks just like that.

So I now have shelves in my kitchen for my cookbooks which had been on a bookshelf in a different room and I’ve spent the last 24 hours staring at every wall in my house wondering which ones I could tear into to build more shelving.  It’s also sent me on a tear around the internet looking for fun ways in which to incorporate books into your décor.  Let me share with you a few favorites:

So dear readers, if you had an unlimited budget, how would you incorporate books into your décor?  Feel free to post links to inspiration, because I’ve still got plenty of walls.  And books.

As usual, one commenter gets a book of choice from our stacks.


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