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Elizabeth Winthrop

Elizabeth WinthropElizabeth Winthrop also writes under the name Elizabeth Winthrop Alsop. She has published more than sixty books, many of them for children and young adults, but also historical fiction, non-fiction, memoir and fantasy. She is the great-grand-niece of Theodore Roosevelt. To find out what project she is working on now, visit Elizabeth Winthrop’s website.


The Castle in the Attic: A cozy, heartwarming medieval tale

The Castle in the Attic by Elizabeth Winthrop

The Castle in the Attic is a warm story about a boy, an old toy castle, and a much-loved housekeeper. William does not want his babysitter, Mrs. Phillips, to leave him and return to England. William swears he will do anything to keep her with him (absolutely anything). But when she gives him her old miniature stone castle and its lone knight, William fears there will be no way to keep her around. Until the knight comes to life.

The story of William and the Silver Knight is nothing if not heartwarming. William is a very kind boy and loves his housekeeper very much. She has been there his whole life, and he does not want to let her go. In the castle in his attic, he meets the Silver Knight: not a metallic toy but a very real (very tiny) knight. The spell that was cast on him had been broken, and the Silver Knight (Sir Simon) wants to go back to his world and rec... Read More