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Allen Williams

Allen Williams has been illustrating in the fantasy genre for twenty years. His work has received numerous awards in art shows across the country, as well as other accolades, including eight Chesley Award nominations for artistic achievements of excellence in the categories of science fiction and fantasy. After having lived in forty different states, Allen now lives in Ohio with his wife and their children. Here’s Allen Williams’ blog.

The Witches’ Kitchen: Will appeal to the target audience

The Witches' Kitchen by Allen Williams

I wanted to like The Witches’ Kitchen by Allen Williams. And I think, had I been in its target age group, I probably would have. There’s no denying that Williams has a vivid imagination. The world of the Kitchen is populated with strange and delightfully odd creatures like Natterjack, a one-eyed Rastafarian imp (at least, if his description and illustration are anything to go by). These myriad mad beasties remind me strongly of dark Jim Henson films like Labyrinth. They’re certainly interesting, and would undoubtedly have captivated my younger self. Williams’ art truly shines, though that should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with it. It’s spectacular and a high point of The Witches’ Kitchen.

Unfortunately, what can delight my inner child is not necessarily enough to silence my outer adult. Though the id... Read More