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Ramona Wheeler

Ramona WheelerRamona Louise Wheeler was first published in Analog magazine in September 1998. Her stories, featuring Ray and Rokey, were good old-fashioned space opera. Wheeler’s non-fiction works focus on comparative mythology, and on the art, literature and beliefs of the ancient Egyptians. Her web sites on ancient Egyptian mythology have been learning aids for students around the globe since 1994. Wheeler is also a graphic artist, specializing in book and web page layout, design and illustration.

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Three Princes: A struggle to finish

Three Princes by Ramona Wheeler

Ramona Wheeler came up with a great setting premise for her novel Three Princes: an alternate Earth where neither the Egyptian nor the Incan Empires ever failed. Now, from their center in Memphis, Egypt rules an enormous swath of land across Africa, Europe, and Asia, though not all are happy with said rule, especially a resistance group led by Otto von Bismarck. Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, the Incans rule most of that area, which they crisscross in their Quetzal airships, the secret of which they closely guard. When rumors arise of an Incan attempt to land a rocket on the moon, two royal agents of the Egyptian Empire, Lord Scott Oken and Professor/Captain Prince Mikel Mabruke are sent across the wide ocean to investigate.

Like I said, it’s a great setting premise, one refreshingly distant from the usual European-based background. Unfortunately, though Wheeler flashes some moments, the... Read More