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Roberta Trahan

Roberta TrahanRoberta Trahan has been a writer her entire life, and was first published at the age of 16. After a 20 year career as a marketing consultant and publicity specialist, Roberta gave in to the call of creativity and returned to writing. Her first novel, THE WELL OF TEARS, was inspired by more than 300 years of family ancestry in Cornwall and Wales — and a deep love of the ancient culture, mythology, and lore of the land. Recognized early on for her creative ability, Roberta was awarded scholarships, internships, and professional opportunities with advertising agencies and in the film industry. In 1985, she graduated from the University of Oregon with a B.S. in Journalism and went on to work in various advertising and marketing positions. Today she is active in the local writing community as a speaker and instructor, and currently serves on the board of directors of The Seattle Freelances, the oldest writers association in the state. A Pacific Northwest native, Roberta makes her home near Seattle with her husband of over twenty years, two teenage children, and as many cats as they will allow her to have.

The Well of Tears: Taking the history out of historical fantasy

The Well of Tears by Roberta Trahan

From the back cover description of The Well of Tears by Roberta Trahan:
More than five centuries after Camelot, a new king heralded by prophecy has appeared. As one of the last sorceresses of a dying order sworn to protect the new ruler at all costs, Alwen must answer a summons she thought she might never receive. Bound by oath, Alwen returns to Fane Gramarye, the ancient bastion of magic standing against the rise of evil. For alongside the prophecy of the benevolent king, a darker foretelling envisions the land overrun by a demonic army and cast into ruin. Alwen has barely set foot in her homeland when she realizes traitors lurk within the Stewardry, threatening to destroy it. To thwart the corruption and preserve her order, Alwen must draw upon power she never knew she possessed and prepare to sacrifice everything she holds dear—even herself. If she fails, ... Read More