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Heather Tomlinson

Heather TomlinsonHeather Tomlinson grew up in California and New Hampshire, graduating from Wellesley College with a degree in French literature. After teaching English in Paris, and French in the U.S., she worked at a book wholesaler. Now she writes the kinds of novels she likes to read. In November 2006, Heather moved onto the 48-foot sailboat Adventure, with her engineer husband and cats X, Y, and Z. When not writing, she can be spotted reading on deck, catching up on the (endless) list of boat chores, or exploring foreign ports. Here’s Heather Tomlinson’s website.

Toads and Diamonds: A nice lesson on the importance of kindness

Toads and Diamonds by Heather Tomlinson

I have always loved the Charles Perrault fairy tale called simply “The Fairies.” A girl goes to a well to draw water for her family and is approached by an old, threadbare woman who asks for a drink. The girl gladly gives her water. As a reward for her kindness, the woman (actually a fairy, disguised) gives the girl a gift: for every word she speaks, a flower or a jewel shall fall from her lips. The girl returns to her stepmother, who is astonished at the gift and resolves to send her own daughter to the well. That daughter is rude to the fairy, who this time appears as a wealthy old woman (thereby foiling the mother’s instructions to treat a threadbare old woman with kindness). The fairy therefore rewards the daughter with a different gift: for every word she speaks, a toad or a snake will fall from her lips. A nice lesson on the importance of kindness!

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