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Wade Alan Steele

Wade Alan Steele is an assistant technical editor for an environmental consulting firm in New York City, but would like nothing more than to be a professional dungeon master (more to the point, he wished that job existed). Wade Alan has been a role player (not in the kinky way) since his elven fighter climbed a tree and threw his three-man tent at the orcs that were chasing him; that was in sixth grade, some bahthraksmackity years ago. He’s been an actor, a mad scientist, a retail specialist, and a fake homeless guy at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge. Wade Alan is a graduate of Queens College with a degree in English. He resides in New Jersey with his beautiful wife, two boys, the required two cats, and a firepit. Plague Seed is self-published.

Plague Seed: Did Not Finish

Plague Seed by Wade Alan Steele

I did not finish Plague Seed by Wade Alan Steele and so as is usual when that happens, this will be quite the short review, as I don’t like to belabor the point about why I found a book to be so bad that I put it down.

Plague Seed begins with a letter from the elven Seligre, “Savior of Oldenhome and the southern lands of Talandria,” to his newborn son, introducing his account of the Plague War. He’s written this account in response to the inaccurate, overblown “history” of the war by Rawlen Brokenhorn (a minotaur) so that his son will know what really happened, and that his father was not the “elven hero of epic strength and laudable intentions” portrayed in Brokenhorn’s multi-volume history. A short letter by Brokenhorn himself follows, in which he describes to the master librarian how he received Seligre’s story and why he thinks it should not grace the s... Read More