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John Steakley

John Steakley(1951-2010)
John Steakley has written two major novels, Armor (1984) and Vampire$ (1991), the latter of which became the basis for John Carpenter’s Vampires movie. He has also written several short stories in the sci-fi and fantasy genres. Not a prolific writer, he lived most of his life in Texas, aside from brief spells in South America and Hollywood in his youth. After a long illness, novelist John Steakley passed away at his home in McKinney, Texas, on November 27, 2010. Here’s John Steakley’s website.

Armor: A novel about suffering

Armor by John Steakley

...everything you were hiding from was in there with you. That’s the trouble with armor. It won’t protect you from what you are.

Felix is a loner, a broken man with a mysterious past. When he’s dropped with thousands of fellow soldiers on a toxic planet nicknamed “Banshee,” he’s the only survivor of the battle with the 8-foot tall “Ants” that live there. That’s partly because of the special armor he wears — his black nuclear-powered scout suit — and partly because of the emotional armor he wears — what he calls “The Engine” — his lack of fear and compassion in dangerous situations. Because he doesn’t really care if he dies, he is able to make quick detached decisions, and it’s this armor, ironically, that keeps him alive.

After the battle, the computer assumes Felix is dead, and this glitch means that he’s never assigned to R&R. Instead... Read More

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book review John Steakley Vampires Vampire$Vampire$ — (1990) Publisher: This is bestselling author John Steakley’s vampire classic: Vampires infest the modern world and a group of brave people — professional vampire killers — devote their lives to hunting them down.