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Jason Starr

Jason Starr (1966- )
Jason Starr grew up playing sports, such as tennis and baseball, and dreaming of pitching for the Yankees. In college, at Binghamton University, he took an interest in literature. He worked as a dishwasher, telemarketer, financial reporter, publishing assistant (he was fired from a publishing job at St. Martin’s Press for reading and writing at his desk), and computer networking salesperson before publishing his first novel in 1997. Starr is the author of nine international bestselling crime novels, set mainly in the New York City area. The Pack is his first fantasy novel. Learn more at Jason Starr’s website.


The Pack: Original and enjoyable werewolf novel

The Pack by Jason Starr

When I first saw The Pack, I thought it looked completely cliché. Silly me… Jason Starr takes one of the more oft-used themes in urban fantasy, the werewolf community in modern society, and takes it in an original direction. The Pack has flaws, but it’s so real and the main character is so believable that I finished it in less than 24 hours. Starr deserves a lot of credit for crossing over from the crime fiction genre to urban fantasy and doing it well.

Simon Burns is truly your ordinary guy. He’s slipping in life. Many people will see themselves in Simon as he loses his job, has difficulty with his marriage, and finds himself cast into a completely unexpected role as a stay-at–home father to his young son. Simon exemplifies the common man, which makes him quite relatable and makes the story so much more interesting.

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