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Jeff Smith

After four years of drawing comic strips for Ohio State University’s student newspaper, Jeff Smith launched the comic book Bone in 1991. Between Bone and his other comic book projects, he now spends much of his time on the international guest circuit, promoting comics and the art of graphic novels.
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RASL by Jeff Smith

RASL by Jeff Smith

RASL by Jeff Smith — available in four paperback volumes — is a fifteen-issue story that recently took me by complete surprise. However, I should have known how good it would be: Smith's well-known comic Bone — an epic work of fantasy for all ages — is one of the great contemporary comic classics. However, I must warn fans of Jeff Smith and Bone that RASL is not a book for kids. Please do not pick this one up for little Johnnie's next birthday gift. You'll have a lot of explaining to do — from the birds and bees to the scientific theories of Nikola Tesla and Einstein.

Tesla seems to be a favorite historical character of current comic book writers — he's a main character in the Atomic ... Read More

Bone by Jeff Smith: The Lord of the Rings of Comics

Bone by Jeff Smith

This review is my 50th column for Fanlit, so I want to mark this personal milestone by writing about the most important epic fantasy comic in existence. I know a few people might argue with me, but only a few. There's a general consensus that Bone by Jeff Smith is not only the best epic fantasy comic, but possibly the ONLY epic fantasy comic depending on how you define "epic fantasy." All arguments are minor quibbles as far as I'm concerned because none of them would call into question the high quality and staggering brilliance of Bone. Personally, I don't feel like I'm exaggerating at all when I say that Bone is The Lord of the Rings of comic books, and if you like epic fantasy, you should feel that Bone is as much required reading in the genre as is Th... Read More