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Edward Shanks

Edward Richard Buxton Shanks was an English writer, known as a war poet of World War I. He was an academic, journalist, literary critic and biographer. He also wrote some science fiction. He was educated at Merchant Taylor’s School and Trinity College, Cambridge. He served in World War I with the British Army in France, but was invalided out in 1915, and did administrative work. He was later a literary reviewer, working for the London Mercury and for a short while a lecturer at the University of Liverpool. He then wrote for the Evening Standard, to 1935. His works include: Songs, Hilaire Bello: The Man and his Work, The Queen of China, The People of the Ruins, The Island of Youth, Poems 1912-1932, Tom Tiddler’s Ground, Old King Cole, Edgar Allan Poe, Queer Street, Rudyard Kipling: A Study in Literature and Political Ideas and Poems 1939-1952.


The People of the Ruins: A simply marvelous dystopian novel

The People of the Ruins by Edward Shanks

The publisher known as HiLo Books had a wonderful thing going back in 2012 with its Radium Age Science Fiction Series, the mission of which was to bring back into print the neglected works from the period 1904 - 1933. This reader had previously enjoyed several of the titles in this series via volumes from other publishers – novels such as Jack London’s The Scarlet Plague (1912), William Hope Hodgson’s The Night Land (1912), Read More