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Courtney Schafer

Courtney SchaferCourtney Schafer has a masters degree in electrical engineering from Colorado University, Boulder and works at an aerospace company. She married an Australian scientist who shares her love for speculative fiction and wilderness adventures and they have a son. She enjoys skiing, mountain climbing, and figure skating. A voracious reader, Courtney always wished new fantasy novels were published faster — until she realized she could write her own stories to satisfy her craving for new worlds full of magic and wonder. Now she writes every spare moment she’s not working or adventuring with her family. Learn more at Courtney Schafer’s website.
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The Whitefire Crossing: There’s real promise here

The Whitefire Crossing by Courtney Schafer

FORMAT/INFO: The Whitefire Crossing is 353 pages long divided over 24 numbered chapters. Narration alternates between Dev’s first-person POV and Kiran’s third-person POV. The Whitefire Crossing ends at a satisfying stopping point, but is clearly the first book in a series as numerous threads are left unresolved. The Tainted City, volume two of The Shattered Sigil, is scheduled for publication in 2012. August 2011 marks the trade paperback publication of The Whitefire Crossing via Night Shade Books. Cover art is provided by David Palumbo.