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R.R. Ryan

R.R. Ryan was the pen name of Denice Jeanette Bradley-Ryan, the daughter of English playwright Evelyn Grosvenor Bradley, who, partly in collaboration with her father, wrote seven well-regarded novels of the macabre from 1936 – 1940.

Echo of a Curse: “A Very Long and Very Strange Story”

Echo of a Curse by R.R. Ryan

xIn several of my earlier musings here on FanLit, I made reference to the list that editor/author Karl Edward Wagner released in the pages of Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone Magazine back in the summer of ’83; the so-called Wagner 39 List. This overview of KEW’s favorite horror novels, and those that he felt were most in need of being brought to the public’s attention, was divided into three categories: The 13 Best Supernatural Horror Novels, The 13 Best Science-Fiction Horror Novels, and The 13 Best Non-Supernatural Horror Novels. But of all the author names on those lists, both famous (Mary Shelley, Abraham Merritt, John Wyndham, Read More