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Savannah Russe

Savannah RusseSavannah Russe writes paranormal romantic urban fantasy. Read excerpts at The Darkwing Chronicles website.


Beyond the Pale: Stupid heroine ruins the plot

Beyond the Pale by Savannah Russe

Savannah Russe starts with an original premise: What if a vampire became a spy for the U.S. government? Daphne Urban has survived five hundred years and schmoozed with royalty and Romantic poets. These days, though, she's suffering from ennui. When the government makes her an offer she can't refuse, she's resistant at first, but soon realizes her new job is the most excitement she's had in over a century.

Trouble is, Daphne makes a rather bumbling spy. I realize she's new to the whole secret agent thing, but this is a character who supposedly has a genius IQ, and who has hundreds of years of experience disguising herself as human and navigating court intrigue. I'm no master spy myself, but I'd like to think I'd know better than to start mouthing off about my mission to a near-stranger just because he looked like Brad Pitt and claimed to work for a government agency. She trusts people when she shou... Read More