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Michael Rowe

Michael RoweMichael Rowe is a Canadian novelist and award-winning independent journalist who has lived in Beirut, Havana, Geneva, and Paris. His work has appeared in the National Post, the Globe & Mail, The United Church Observer, the Advocate, and numerous other publications. He has been a finalist for both the Canadian National Magazine Award and the Associated Church Press Award in the United States. He is currently a political blogger for The Huffington Post.


Wild Fell: One of the best books of 2013

Wild Fell by Michael Rowe

Wild Fell begins in the small town of Alvina, Ontario, in 1960, when Sean Schwartz asks his high school sweetheart, Brenda Egan, if she believes in ghosts.  Whether he’s trying to scare her into cuddling closer, looking for some excitement to end the summer before school begins again, or is entirely sincere in his question, his question is a prelude to asking Brenda if she’ll cross a mile of Devil’s Lake to Blackmore Island to explore the remains of a mansion called Wild Fell.  It takes some persuading, but Brenda reluctantly agrees, only to change her mind when they’re halfway there, suddenly frightened.  Sean is disappointed, maybe angry, but the evening is saved by an illicit bottle of wine and a bonfire.  But Wild Fell isn’t done with them, and the curtain of the prologue falls as a legend begins.

Michael Rowe sets his hook firmly with this prologue, but then he lets the line ou... Read More