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Yann Rousselot

Yann Rousselot is a translator, writer, and poet. He grew up in airport lounges and diplomatic enclaves with his brothers, his sister, and countless cheap suitcases, raised across the globe by humanitarian parents. He has been published in Paris Lit Up Magazine, The Bastille, AUP’s Paris/Atlantic Magazine, Thought Catalog, and the Belleville Park Pages. He lives, writes, and performs spoken word poetry in his adoptive city of Paris.

Dawn of the Algorithm: Too many pop references, not enough poetry for me

Dawn of the Algorithm by Yann Rousselot

Dawn of the Algorithm
is a collection of 33 poems by Yann Rousselot that take a wryly dark look at humanity — mostly our faults — through the lens of science fiction tropes, most pulled from pop culture. We’ve got AIs, giant monsters, depressed T-Rex’s, aliens, and loads of references to anime, science fiction films and fiction. It’s a collection that should have been right up my alley, but though it has its moments, I just didn’t connect with much of it, wanting perhaps a bit more poetry (or at least, my type of poetry, such a thing being so subjective) with my sci-fi.

To begin with the positive, Rousselot has an often sharp wit. Sometimes it comes with a mere chuckle, other times a real bite, or sometimes maybe both, as when he close a poem detailing the end of the world with:
And everyone will be aghast, and shell shocked, but ... Read More