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Justina Robson

Justina Robson(1968- )
Justina Robson is from Leeds, a city in Yorkshire in the north of England. She writes science fiction and science fantasy. Learn more at Justina Robson’s website.

Keeping it Real: Painful to finish

Keeping it Real by Justina Robson

Lila Black is a high-price cyborg special agent. She used to be a regular human, but after a disastrous encounter with someone from a parallel realm, she nearly died. Then she was rebuilt, at huge expense, and is now being sent by her government intelligence agency to be the bodyguard of Zal, an Elfin rockstar who has received some threatening letters. Things get complicated when Zal and Lila become involved in Elfin politics.

Justina Robson’s Keeping It Real has an intriguing premise: a nuclear bomb explosion in 2015 opened up the fabric of the universe and made five parallel worlds accessible to each other. Until then, humans had thought that elves, elementals, and demons were the stuff of fantasy novels, but now they must figure out how to live at peace with all these other species, not to mention the magic they wield.

Unfortunately, that’s about all... Read More

The New Space Opera 2: All-New Tales of Science Fiction Adventure

The New Space Opera 2: All-New Tales of Science Fiction Adventure edited by Gardner Dozois & Jonathan Strahan

The New Space Opera 2: All-New Tales of Science Fiction Adventure is, as its name implies, the second of Gardner Dozois and Jonathan Strahan’s themed anthologies attempting to put a modern spin on space opera, a subgenre of science fiction which causes many of us to think of big metal spaceships crewed by handsome blaster-wielding men who protect us from evil aliens that want to destroy the Earth, or at least steal it’s shrieking scantily clad women. We laugh at these old stories now — the way they ignore the vacuum of space and the effects of relativity, the way their aliens seem a lot less alien than they should, and the way that they rarely seem to display the variety in specie... Read More

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fantasy and science fiction book reviewsLiving Next Door to the God of Love — (2005) Publisher: Following on from her brilliant previous novel, Natural History, Justina Robson again takes into a series of worlds and dimensions we would have never thought of on our own Metropolis is a city of superheroes where you can become anyone you like – fight all day, party all night… Sankhara is a universe where everything is remade by night, according to the inhabitants’ deepest, darkest dreams… Koker Ai exists in another time and space, where Intana, less favoured courtesan in the court of a decaying empire, has just discovered a warrior who cannot die…Jalaeka has been many things in his short lifetime: a war captive, a prostitute, a pilgrim, a pirate, a princess in a glass coffin and a physics student at MIT. Now he’s looking for someone to make him into something better, for the entity which created him is coming to take him back. Francine is a fifteen-year-old runaway, out to find a definition of love she can believe in. She finds a Palace whose rooms are made of bone, flowers and the hearts of heroes. She finds a scientist looking for the lost light of the universe. She finds herself at the centre of an unstoppable conflict that began long before she was born.

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