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Lane Robins

Lane Robins was born in Miami, Florida, the daughter of two scientists, and grew up as the first human member of their menagerie. When it came time for a career, it was a hard choice between veterinarian and writer. It turned out to be far more fun to write about blood than to work with it. She received her BA in Creative Writing from Beloit College, and currently lives in Lawrence, Kansas. She also writes under the name Lyn Benedict. Read excerpts of her novels at Lane Robins’ website.

Lane Robins writes urban fantasy under the name Lyn Benedict.

Maledicte: Blood-red wine in a crystal goblet

Maledicte by Lane Robins

There have been several reviews of Maledicte that make comparisons to Jacqueline Carey. Some say Maledicte is a cheap imitation, and others that Maledicte is far too good to be compared with Carey's work. I'm not enough of a literary critic to tell you who is the better writer, Jacqueline Carey or Lane Robins, but I will say that I'm not surprised the comparisons are cropping up. I'm a big fan of Carey and I'm always looking for beautiful, lush, sensual dark fantasy that scratches the same literary "itch." I rarely find it. Here, I've found it.

Maledicte tells the story of a young woman from the slums, Miranda, whose sweetheart is stolen away by his noble father. Miranda swears revenge upon the nobleman and disguises herself as a ... Read More

Kings and Assassins: The prose kept me going

Kings and Assassins by Lane Robins

I wasn't sure I'd like this one. Janus Ixion as the protagonist? I hated Janus in Maledicte. I started reading Kings and Assassins with that loathing firmly in place, and in the early pages of the book, he didn't do much to make me like him any better. I didn't like the other characters either. I didn't care about Janus, I didn't care that he missed Maledicte, I didn't care about his wife or about their endless quarrels, and I couldn't have cared less who ended up regent for Prince Adiran after King Aris's assassination. What kept me going was Lane Robins' prose, which I enjoyed as much as ever.

Imagine my surprise when, halfway through the book, I found myself thinking that Antyre was in deep trouble if Janus lost his bid for the regency.

Oh, he didn't become a Read More

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