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Thomas M. Reid

Thomas M. Reid held numerous positions with TSR and Wizards of the Coast, including brand manager for the D&D brand and creative director for Star Wars RPGs. Reid lives in Texas.
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The Gossamer Plain: Not much happens

The Gossamer Plain by Thomas M. Reid

What happens when the alu-fiend Aliisza gets a conscience? Will she turn to good? Will the justice of Tyr change a creature half-human, half-demon? Interesting questions, especially when you consider that demons are, by their nature, wholly evil. Such a plot allows for discussions on the nature of good and evil, and how choices affect our lives.

Thomas M. Reid, best selling author of Insurrection, returns to the character he created for that story in The Empyrean Odyssey. The first novel, The Gossamer Plain, follows Aliisza and her cambion lover Kaanyr Vhok on two separate journeys. Kaanyr’s takes him through the plane of Fire, assisted by a half dragon and a priest of Bane. Aliisza, meanwhile, must go on a journey through her soul as she finds herself trapped on the home plane... Read More