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James Reese

James ReeseJames Reese received an MA in Theatre and is now pursuing a graduate degree in Linguistics. Presently, he splits his time between Paris, France, and Tampa, Florida, where he is and working on a fifth novel. Read excerpts at his website.

The Book of Shadows: Feels unfinished

The Book of Shadows by James Reese

James Reese attempts Anne-Rice-style supernatural fiction with The Book of Shadows, his first novel. It is Rice-like in that it contains gender-bending sexual material, lush detail, horrifying violence, and a set of supernatural beings who have long existed in folklore but are given new "rules" and characteristics by the author. Here, it's witches, but not the sort of harmless neo-pagan witches that are around today. These are witches as depicted in medieval lore, throwing orgies and dealing with demons.

The Book of Shadows tells the story of Herculine, an orphan whose mother died mysteriously, and who is shunned at the convent that took her in afterwards. A strange turn of events leads to Herculine's trial for witchcraft. She is rescued at the last minute by an incubus, a succ... Read More

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