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James Polster

Equal parts novelist, journalist, explorer, and movie producer, James Polster draws on his rich cultural experiences to craft highly entertaining stories with social significance. From profiling Indira Gandhi and Donald Trump, to covering the World Championship of Elephant Polo in Nepal, to navigating the Amazon River and living among jungle cannibals, Polster’s adventures have given him a unique perspective on life that infuses his work with witty depth. A graduate of Harvard and Columbia universities, Polster has written A Guest in the Jungle, The Graduate Student, and Brown, which received the Critics’ Choice Award and was named by Publishers Weekly as a Best Book of the Year. He lives in Los Angeles.


The Prankster: We’ve been Punk’d!

The Prankster by James Polster

We’ve been Punk’d!

It seems that lots of the interesting stuff that happens on Earth is caused by Pom Trager, an arrogant time travelling alien who plays tricks on us and shows the results on his reality TV show called The Prankster. While humans think that significant historical events are happening, or that our culture is advancing, aliens on another planet are laughing at us.

When one of his tricks goes awry, Pom Trager gets trapped in Santa Fe. To escape, he needs to get to San Francisco fast. He gets some help from a human woman who thinks he might be crazy. Unfortunately, they attract the attention of a sheriff who decides to pursue.

The Prankster has a cute (though not original) premise, some adventure, one touching scene, and a twist ending that wasn’t all that surprising. It’s a pleasant enough way to spend a few hours ... Read More