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Ann Pilling

Ann Pilling (1944- )
Ann Pilling was brought up in Warrington, Cheshire and many of her books are set in the industrial North West. After reading English at London University, she taught in Buckinghamshire (the setting for The Empty Frame), then spent some of her time in America before returning to England and settling eventually in Oxford. She is married with two sons. Whenever possible, Ann retreats to the Yorkshire Dales which she calls ‘the country of my heart’. She loves animals and Arthur, the family cat, has a starring role in The Empty Frame.

The Witch of Lagg: Really spooky

The Witch of Lagg by Ann Pilling

Ann Pilling, who also goes by the alias Ann Cheatham or Lillian Cheatham, is an author with a great interest in taking historical events and folk-legends and bringing them into the present day. She has done this for the two other books concerning Oliver, Colin and Prill, Black Harvest and The Beggar's Curse — with her three contemporary kids finding themselves caught up in the unquiet remnants of the past. In The Witch of Lagg, the author again takes historical fact and reshapes it to fit her creepy supernatural story. In her afterword she recounts the facts concerning the death of Margaret Wilson, considered one of the most tragic martyrs in Scottish history. Found guilty of heresy, she was tied to a stake upon the shore and drowned by the oncoming tide.

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More books by Ann Pilling

The Empty Frame Ann PillingThe Empty Frame — (1997) Young adult. Publisher: A chilling ghost story from award-winning novelist, Ann Pilling. Sam, Floss, and their foster brother, Magnus, spend their holidays with cousin M. at The Abbey. On their first night, Magnus hears a woman crying and when he goes to investigate he discovers that the sixteenth-century portrait of Lady Alice Neale, hung in the Great Hall, is now just an empty frame. Magnus shares his secret with the others and soon they are drawn into a web of family mystery and murder. Ann Pilling has written a mystery novel of subtle twist and movement; fascinating historical detail entwined with a familial story which will tug at the heart-strings.