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Jackson Pearce

Jackson Pearce(1984- )
Jackson Pearce lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with a slightly cross-eyed cat and a lot of secondhand furniture. She graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in English and works for a software company even though she auditioned for the circus. Ms. Pearce coaches both colorguard and winterguard at a local high school which provides the greatest “research” for writing YA that she could ever ask for and has introduced her to some of the most unique characters she’s ever met. Learn more at Jackson Pearce’s website.

Sisters Red: Hits all my favorite notes

Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce

Children, especially attractive, well bred young ladies, should never talk to strangers, for if they should do so, they may well provide dinner for a wolf. I say "wolf," but there are various kinds of wolves. There are also those who are charming, quiet, polite, unassuming, complacent, and sweet, who pursue young women at home and in the streets. And unfortunately, it is these gentle wolves who are the most dangerous ones of all. —Charles Perrault

There's always been a parallel between Red Riding Hood's wolf and sexual predators. Sometimes it's overtly stated; sometimes it's more veiled. In Sisters Red, it's pretty clear. While the Fenris (werewolves) of Jackson Pearce's novel are out to devour rather than rape, they reel in their prey of choice — pretty young girls — with wholesome good looks and charm before transforming into ravening beasts.... Read More

Fathomless: A dark and poignant YA story

Fathomless by Jackson Pearce

Seaside resorts are fascinating places. Whether it’s Santa Cruz, CA; Point Pleasant, New Jersey; or even Waikiki beach in Hawaii, they have an air of tawdriness and mystery simultaneously. Jackson Pearce uses this numinous setting to powerful effect in her dark YA fantasy Fathomless.

Pearce uses the fairy tale “The Little Mermaid” as the springboard for Fathomless. Lo is an ocean girl, living in the sea off the shore of Georgia. She isn’t a mermaid, because she still has legs, but walking on land sends saber-cuts of pain through her body, and the soles of her feet bleed. Lo knows that she was once human, but cannot remember how she came to be here with her “sisters,” the other ocean girls.

The ocean girls believe that they no longer have souls. They stay in the ocean until they have aged (rather like cheese)... Read More

More by Jackson Pearce

As You Wish — (2009) Young adult. Things About Love is a short story. Publisher: Ever since viola’s boyfriend broke up with her, she has spent her days silently wishing — to have someone love her again and, more importantly, to belong again — until one day she inadvertently summons a young genie out of his world and into her own. He will remain until she makes three wishes. Jinn is anxious to return home, but Viola is terrified of wishing, afraid she will not wish for the right thing, the thing that will make her truly happy. As the two spend time together, the lines between master and servant begin to blur, and soon Jinn can’t deny that he’s falling for Viola. But it’s only after Viola makes her first wish that she realizes she’s in love with Jinn as well… and that if she wishes twice more, he will disappear from her life — and her world — forever. Jackson Pearce spins a magical tale about star-crossed lovers, what it means to belong… and how important it is to be careful what you wish for.

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Jackson Pearce Sweetly, PurityPurity — (2012) Young adult. Publisher: A novel about love, loss, and sex — but not necessarily in that order.Before her mother died, Shelby promised three things: to listen to her father, to love as much as possible, and to live without restraint. Those Promises become harder to keep when Shelby’s father joins the planning committee for the Princess Ball, an annual dance that ends with a ceremonial vow to live pure lives — in other words, no “bad behavior,” no breaking the rules, and definitely no sex. Torn between Promises One and Three, Shelby makes a decision — to exploit a loophole and lose her virginity before taking the vow. But somewhere between failed hookup attempts and helping her dad plan the ball, Shelby starts to understand what her mother really meant, what her father really needs, and who really has the right to her purity.fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews

Turn Here  — (2012) Young adult. Publisher: When Alex finds a cell phone with a busted screen but working GPS, she and her mother follow its directions in search of an unknown destination and an answer to whether or not true love exists. Also? Jimmy Carter’s head, beauty pageants, and peanut brittle. Just saying.