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Joshua Palmatier

book review joshua palmatierDr. Joshua Palmatier (who also writes as Benjamin Tate) was born in North-Central Pennsylvania and is currently a mathematics professor living near Endicott, NY, teaching at a local college. He began writing seriously in graduate school, using his fantasy world as an escape from the stress. In addition to writing epic fantasy, he teaches spin classes at the local gym, collects crackle glass, and has a roof garden threatening to take over the roof. His goals in life are to travel Europe, sail the Mediterranean, visit Australia, and preside over a small kingdom from a castle on a hill while occasionally bombarding the villagers below with catapult fire. Learn more at Joshua Palmatier’s website.


The Skewed Throne: Gritty low fantasy debut

The Skewed Throne by Joshua Palmatier

Varis is "gutterscum," a girl — as much animal as girl — who survives as a sneak-thief in the horrid slum of Amenkor known as "The Dredge." But even in the slum, rumors are spreading about The Mistress, who governs the city from the mystical Skewed Throne — rumors of insanity after a tidal wave of mysterious white fire sweeps through the land. After Varis stabs a criminal in self-defense, she comes to the attention of one of the Mistress's guardsmen-assassins and begins to help him in tracking his "marks." But in such a harsh, unstable environment, change comes quickly, and Varis soon finds herself outside of the Dredge. There, she finds that her skill with a dagger — as well as two strange magical talents — may draw her into a new life entirely.

The first novel by Joshua Palmatier, The Skewed Throne is an undemanding, gritty, viscer... Read More