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Kelli Owen

Kelli Owen(1969- )
Kelli Owen was born in Superior, WI and currently lives in Destination, PA. She has been writing for as long as she can remember. Her first novel, SIX DAYS, was met with nothing but praise. Her shorter fiction tends to lean toward horror, her longer works toward thriller, but neither genre was expecting this tomboy to write quite like she does. Before publishing her own works she edited for many of the authors in her field, reviewed the others, and was asked to be on countless panels regarding the craft and genres, where she honed her skills before setting any of her own work loose on the unsuspecting public.


Deceiver: A suspenseful work of dark fiction

Deceiver by Kelli Owen

DarkFuse, an independent publisher of horror, suspense and thrillers, has a thriving novella series. For $85 per month, you can subscribe to the limited hardcover editions of the novellas, which are published at the rate of two each month. (The subscription also includes a hardcover novel every month.) Only 100 copies are printed, though the works are also available in electronic form. It’s a delight to see a publisher take an interest in publishing this shorter form, which is often exactly the right length for genre works (and for mainstream fiction, for that matter; consider William Faulkner and Henry James), but which is neglected by most publishers.

One of the June 2014 novella offerings is Kelli Owen’s Deceiver, a suspenseful work of dark fiction that opens at a post-funeral gathering. Matt’s wife Tania has been murdered while on a business trip, strangled with a necktie. The police have ... Read More