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John Norman

John Norman(1931- )
John Norman is the pseudonym of John Frederick Lange, Jr., Ph.D. He was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1931 and earned his B.A. from the University of Nebraska in 1953 and his M.A. from USC in 1957. In 1963 he obtained his Ph.D. from Princeton. Mr. Norman is married and has three children.

Tarnsman of Gor: Quintessential male-oriented sword & sorcery

Tarnsman of Gor by John Norman

“Slavery apparently agrees with her”

While walking in a New Hampshire forest, college professor Tarl Cabot unexpectedly receives a strange communication from his long-lost father. Suddenly he is whisked away by spaceship to Gor, the Counter-Earth, a planet which we never see because it lives on the other side of the sun. Its powerful priest-kings have been able to shield it from even our theoretical view and, though the society seems primitive, its aloof rulers seem to be hoarding and selectively doling out secret knowledge and technological advances (such as spaceships and advanced medical and communication techniques).

After Tarl Cabot meets his father, he is thoroughly educated in the Gorean language, history, and customs, and trained as a Tarnsman (a warrior who rides the huge carnivorous flying Tarns). Gor’s caste system doesn’t sit well with Professor Cabot’s 2... Read More

Outlaw of Gor: It works in audio format

Outlaw of Gor by John Norman

"Weep, free maiden. Remember your pride and weep." 

Outlaw of Gor is the second novel in John Norman's cult classic Gorean Saga. After languishing on Earth for seven years, Tarl Cabot is finally returned to the Counter-Earth where he hopes to find his father and the woman he loves. Instead, he finds that things are not at all as he left them. After a bit of roaming, he winds up in a city he's never been to before and gets tangled up in a battle of the sexes.

Tarl Cabot is a bit like Richard Rahl — effortlessly subduing evil, fighting oppression, and spreading nobility wherever he goes. He loves and serves his fellow man ("How could I be free when others are bound?"). He spends a lot of time talkin... Read More

Priest-Kings of Gor: Trying so hard not to be sexist

Priest-Kings of Gor by John Norman

I’m not sure why I’m still reading the Gor books. I guess it’s partly because Brilliance Audio has kindly sent them to me (they are nice productions), but it’s also largely because these books have been maligned for years as poorly written sexist-BDSM-erotica, so I can’t help but want to see for myself before dismissing them as such. After finishing book 3, Priest-Kings of Gor, here’s my take so far:

They are not poorly written. The quality of the writing is quite good except for the overuse of phrases such as “to my amazement,” “to my surprise,” “I found it strange that,” “I marveled,” “I was astonished,” “I looked at him dumb-founded,” “I was thunder-struck,” etc. This may be more noticeable with the audio versi... Read More

Nomads of Gor: They got what they deserved

Nomads of Gor by John Norman

Nomads of Gor is the fourth installment in John Norman’s series about Tarl Cabot, the professor from Earth who is now a warrior on the planet Gor (the Counter-Earth). In the last book, Priest-Kings of Gor, Tarl was instructed by the Priest-Kings to find their egg — the last hope of the insectoid Priest-King race. The egg is in the keeping of the wagon people, a fierce group of nomadic tribes. Tarl needs to find these people, infiltrate their society, get the egg, and escape.

Gor is an impressive world full of diverse and fascinating geographies, races, languages, cultures, and economic systems which John Norman describes in loving detail. This world-building is the best part of the Gorean Saga. But amongst all this diversity, one thing (surprisingly) remains the same wherever Tarl Ca... Read More

More books by John Norman

The Telnarian Histories — (1991-1993) Publisher: A corrupt empire spanning galaxies is challenged by a warrior born to lead a barbarian horde.

John Norman The Telnarian Histories 1. The Chieftain 2. The Captain 3. The KingJohn Norman The Telnarian Histories 1. The Chieftain 2. The Captain 3. The KingJohn Norman The Telnarian Histories 1. The Chieftain 2. The Captain 3. The King