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Christine Morgan

Christine Morgan grew up in the hot, sunny desert, and moved north to get away from it as soon as she could. Her degree in psychology has served her well, particularly in helping her to land a night-shift residential counseling gig, which allows her some writing time in the wee small hours. Twice married and twice divorced, she now lives with a roomie and a bunch of cats, and has a grown daughter of whom she’s eternally proud. Her lifelong loves of language, history, mythology, and horror all intersect best in the Viking age. An avid reader and reviewer and crazy craft/cookie lady as well, she’s currently delighting in adding her own little touch of weirdness to the Portland writing community.

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The Raven’s Table: Viking fans, horror fans and gamers will find plenty to like

The Raven’s Table: Viking Stories by Christine Morgan

Christine Morgan’s work has appeared in various anthologies, such as History is Dead, a Zombie Anthology, and Uncommon Assassins. Her work is closely related to role-playing games and she is a dedicated gamer according to her website. The Raven’s Table: Viking Stories is a story collection of her Norse or Viking-themed works. The collection includes poetry, adventure, fantasy and horror in a couple of flavors. Five of the eighteen pieces are original to this collection.

Morgan’s work has its roots deeply in epic fantasy, and almost all of these tales are set during the Viking years. A couple take place in a locale that might be the Norse colonies in Labrador. Morgan’s language is right for an oral tradition, and several of the prose tales are augmented by her original poetry... Read More