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Dan Mishkin

Dan Miskin(1953- )
Dan Mishkin is a comic book writer, and co-creator (with Gary Cohn) of the DC Comics characters Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld and Blue Devil.


The Forest King: Woodlark’s Shadow

The Forest King: Woodlark’s Shadow by Dan Mishkin (author) & Tom Mandrake (illustrator)

Justin’s family has moved to the town where his dad grew up, and they now live in a house on the edge of an ancient forest. Justin knows something evil is lurking in the forest but faces ridicule from his friends and disbelief from the adults. When his friends get hurt by a strange creature playing in the forest, Justin knows that he has to act to save everyone he cares about from danger.

Woodlark’s Shadow (2006), by comic book author Dan Mishkin and illustrator Tom Mandrake, is the initial book release by Actionopolis, a press that specializes in comic books. Aimed at the reluctant tween male reader, the idea of expanding the action-oriented stories in which the press specializes to books is a good idea in concept, but I can’t say that this book was a success. The heavil... Read More