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Yves Meynard

Yves MeynardYves Meynard lives in Longueuil, Quebec. He is the literary editor of the SF magazine Solaris, and has published several books in French.


Chrysanthe: Did Not Finish

Chrysanthe by Yves Meynard

I’ve been trying to read Chrysanthe for two weeks now, and still haven’t hit the halfway point. It’s that experience where the bookmark never seems to move; whenever I sit down to read, I can’t get far before my mind starts to wander. With roughly three hundred pages left to go, I’ve decided to cut my losses.

It starts promisingly enough. Yves Meynard introduces us to a little girl, Christine, who lives with her unpleasant uncle in a world similar to our own present day, but has vague memories of a very different life — a life in a castle, where she wore beautiful gowns and was surrounded by people who loved her. What Meynard does really well here is capture that time in childhood where memory is muddled, where you can never be quite sure if you’re remembering an incident you really witnessed or one you’ve been told about so often that you just Read More

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fantasy and science fiction book reviewsThe Book of Knights — (1998) Publisher: A fantasy novel about a young boy who discoves a wonderful book that fills him with the desire to grow up to be knight–and whose desire is granted in strange and unexpected ways. At the publisher’s request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management software (DRM) applied.