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Scott Meyer

After an unsuccessful career in radio, and a middling-successful career as a stand-up comic, Scott Meyer found himself middle-aged, working as a ride operator at Walt Disney World.

In his spare time, he produced the successful web comic Basic Instructions. He slowly built a following of fans all over the world, to whom he sold his first self-published novel, Off to Be the Wizard. The book’s success brought him a publishing deal.

Scott lives in Arizona with his wife, their cats, and his most important possession, a working air conditioner.


Off to be the Wizard: Silly, charming, and just what I needed

Off to be the Wizard by Scott Meyer

After being on a bit of a horror and dark fantasy diet, I decided I needed something lighter, a palate cleanser if you will. Off to Be the Wizard (2014) by Scott Meyer kept showing up in my recommendations for a light and humorous fantasy. As it turned out, Off to be the Wizard was exactly what I was looking for.

The story follows Martin Banks who is a data entry clerk for a large company. In his spare time he browses the massive databases of these corporations hoping to find something interesting. He stumbles upon a file that, when edited, alters reality. He finds his own personal entry in the file and begins to change his life.

It should be noted that Martin is kind of an idiot. He rarely thinks things through, and it lands him in trouble. He eventually finds himself in medieval Englund pretending to be a wizar... Read More