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Sean McCabe

Sean McCabeSean McCabe (pseudonym of Scott Mariani, author of the Ben Hope thrillers) was born and raised on the east coast of Scotland before moving to Oxford, England, to take degrees in modern languages and film studies. Having pursued a diversity of careers ranging from language teaching to music, he settled in a remote corner of rural Wales to become a full-time novelist. Outside of writing, Sean is a keen photographer, swordsman, archer and classical pianist. Here’s Sean McCabe’s website.

Uprising: Read Dracula instead

Uprising by Sean McCabe

There is an audience for this book. That audience, however, is not me.

Sean McCabe is a pseudonym for thriller author Scott Mariani, and in Uprising he blends the thriller genre with a vampire story. Our protagonists are police detective Joel Solomon, and Alex Bishop, who is herself a law enforcement officer of sorts. She works for the Vampire Intelligence Agency, which serves the Vampire Federation, a bureaucracy that governs vampire society and has developed several technologies that allow vampires to live relatively normal lives amid the human population. But not all vampires adhere to the Federation’s dictates. Joel and Alex discover a traditionalist cult that hopes to overthrow the Federation and return vampires to their roots: lurking in the night and treating humans like cattle.

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