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Matt Maxwell

Matt Maxwell is the creator/writer of the western/horror comic series STRANGEWAYS, which has been ongoing since 2008. He is also the author of the recent short story collection Tug on the Ribbon and Other Stories, which ranges from magical-realist near-future SF to the dark and smoky, Luna Sangre, which blends science fiction and fantasy, and Crunch Time, which is a blackly humorous look at office life in the time of the zombie apocalypse.

At one time or another, he was a digital animator and visual effects artist, an office monkey in a university thinktank, the guy who got jammed quarters out of your arcade machines, direct-mail stuffer for a televangelist you’ve probably been spammed by, teacher of 3D animation and thanatology (though not at the same time), has driven across the US once that he remembers and knows where to find the last of the wild V-8s.


Queen of No Tomorrows: Atmospheric writing in a story of LA Noir-weird

Queen of No Tomorrows by Matt Maxwell

Matt Maxwell’s 109-page novel (I’d call it a novella), Queen of No Tomorrows (2018), mixes American tentacular-weird with LA Noir, flavoring the story with bits of pot-smoke-fueled punk imagery of the 1980s. It is a story that thrives on shadows.

Cait MacReady works as a book restorer for the Los Angeles Public Library. On the side, she locates rare, exotic occult volumes for discerning customers… or, when the books are unavailable, creates them herself. She is an expert forger, and when Queen of No Tomorrows opens we learn that Cait has created her first original book, which she has named The Smoking Codex. Cait feels as if she practically channeled the book; she wrote the text as if in a dream and doesn’t know where the inspiration for the artwork came from. It is a masterpiece and she is proud of it. Now s... Read More