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John Marco

John MarcoJohn Marco’s debut fantasy series, Tyrants and Kings, earned him a Barnes and Noble Readers Choice Award and has since been translated into numerous languages around the world. In addition to his work as a novelist, he is also a technical communicator, an enthusiast of military history, and a student of psychology. He often spends his free time biking through the parks of his native Long Island, where he lives with his wife Deborah and his son Jack. Learn more at John Marco’s website.

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The Eyes of God: Big fantasy beefsteak, not fully cooked

The Eyes of God by John Marco

The Eyes of God is a sprawling, medieval fantasy novel. The seed for the next book (The Devil's Armor) is planted well in the first, and I hope more of the good than the bad from the first book carries over.

The Eyes of God consists of three parts. (And before that, a beautiful cover — one of its very best features.) The first is basically a rehashing of Camelot's love triangle. The book does open very well indeed with excellent, fresh introductions of the scholarly King Akeela the Good; his handsome champion, Lukien the Bronze Knight; and his new bride, Cassandra, the beautiful seal on a peace treaty. However, even with the twist of Cassandra's mysterious illness and Lukien's quest to heal her, the first part fails to escape Camelot's shadow — it simply starts too squarely within it.

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The Forever Knight: Brutal and tragic

The Forever Knight by John Marco

The Forever Knight is a follow-up novel that takes place after John Marco’s BOOKS OF THE BRONZE KNIGHT, but Marco does such a good job of filling in the gaps for new readers that it’s meant to be able to be read separately. If you’re interested in a kind of brutal, really tragic fantasy, then this is worth a read.

Lukien is the Forever Knight. He has betrayed his best friend and the love of his life is dead, but he can’t follow them into death because of Malator, a symbiotic spirit who has imbued him with powers, including virtual immortality. For most people eternal life would be an amazing gift, but for someone who has lost everything he held precious, it’s a curse.

Lukien is living a sort of half-life while seeking combat against dangerous monsters that infest the local environs of the city he has claimed as home. Among the people who Lukien calls friend is an o... Read More

Starfinder: Uneven

Starfinder by John Marco

Starfinder is the story of Moth, an orphaned child obsessed with learning how to fly, and Fiona, the granddaughter of the Governor of Calio, an outpost on the edge of civilization. Calio borders on the Reach, a featureless miles-wide expanse that is supposed to be impossible to cross, covered in an impenetrable mist that conceals and confuses the traveler. The Reach separates the human lands from the mythical Skylords, angelic beings who jealously guard the skies to keep any other race from achieving flight.

Moth is given the Starfinder, the most powerful magical artifact of the Skylords, by his dying guardian and is charged with crossing the impassible Reach and returning the Starfinder to the wizard Merceron. Fiona accompanies Moth, and the two are relentlessly pursued by her grandfather, intent on acquiring the Starfinder for his own purposes.

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Why You Should Read… John Marco

We move back to the fantasy genre for this week's edition of Why You Should Read... Bryce Lee, from Only the Best Sci Fi/Fantasy and his personal blog Seak's Stamp of Approval, brings us compelling reasons as to why you should pick up your first book by John Marco.

I was first introduced to John Marco a number of years ago by a good friend of mine through the first book in his Tyrants and Kings Trilogy, The Jackal of Nar. After that I was hooked. To this day, years later, I can vividly see the cathedral of Nar being frescoed, hear the din of each battle, but most of all I can still feel e... Read More

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The Tyrants and Kings Trilogy — (1999-2001) Publisher: This powerful, multilayered saga features a complicated hero: brave yet sensitive General Richius Vantran. Ordered by the Emperor to halt a revolt by a religious faction, Vantran’s success wins him both Imperial favor and a wife — though neither sits well with him. For in battle, he fell in love with a member of the very religious faction he put down. Torn between duty and passion, Vantran surprises himself by choosing to love the enemy—and march against his old companions.

The Tyrants and Kings, John Marco, Jackal of Nar, The Grand Design, The Saints of the SwordThe Tyrants and Kings, John Marco, Jackal of Nar, The Grand Design, The Saints of the SwordThe Tyrants and Kings, John Marco, Jackal of Nar, The Grand Design, The Saints of the Sword