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Nina Malkin

Nina Malkin fantasy author Nina Malkin also writes for young adults in other genres. Learn more at Nina Malkin’s website.

Swoon: Strangely addictive

Swoon by Nina Malkin

Some books are like candy. You know they're not good for you. You feel compelled to keep reading them anyway. Maybe, after a while, they start leaving an "off" taste in your mouth. Still, you keep reading. This is what Nina Malkin's Swoon was like for me.

The plot is sort of Twilight-meets-Heathers. The protagonist, Dice (everyone has a cheesy nickname, you get used to it after a while), is a misfit in moneyed, WASPy Swoon, Connecticut. Her closest friend is her beautiful cousin Pen. The two girls accidentally bring a ghost from colonial times back into the flesh, and that's when the trouble starts. Dice is in love with Sin (ghost-boy) and hope... Read More