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Piper Maitland

Piper MaitlandPiper Maitland lives on a Tennessee farm with her family. She also writes novels under her real name, Michael Lee West.

Acquainted with the Night: Forgettable

Acquainted with the Night by Piper Maitland

An elderly academic is murdered. In his death throes, he leaves a cryptic message intended for a young female relative. This coded message sends the young female relative and an attractive male academic on a treasure hunt across Europe. They discover a secret that casts new light on religious history and on the female lead’s genealogy, fall in love, and are pursued by both legal authorities and criminal goons. You may be thinking you’ve read this book before. Piper Maitland adds a vampire twist to the formula, but I could never quite shake that Da Vinci Code feeling. Of course, we all have our favorite tropes, and one reader’s “unoriginal” is another reader’s “comfortable like an old shoe.” If the idea of The Da Vinci Code with vampires appeals to you, then Acquainted with the Night is the boo... Read More